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The Secret and You

Learn how you can put The Secret to work in your life.

Have you seen the movie The Secret?

Did you read the book?

When Oprah ran a show on The Secret she got such a huge response she ran a second show a week later.

So what, exactly, is The Secret and how does it apply to you?

Have you ever wanted something and, voila, you got it?

Have you ever worried about something and, sure enough, it happened?

In both cases, you have been using The Secret.

The Secret is the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction is not new. It was written about thousands of years ago in the ancient texts of Egypt. All of the great Spiritual Masters have taught Law of Attraction principles. And Quantum Physics is now providing a scientific explanation to how Law of Attraction works.

So what is Law of Attraction and what does it have to do with you?

There are various ways of explaining Law of Attraction. The simplest way is to say that every one of us is a walking magnet and our thoughts, words, actions and feelings (what we call "vibrations") attract to us those people, things and situations that are a match to our vibrations, whether wanted or unwanted.

And what does this have to do with you?

The answer is: Everything!!

Law of Attraction (LOA) says that everything you experience, you attracted to you.

That means that all the good things that show up in our life - you attracted them!!

And the not so good things that show up in our life - you attracted them as well!!

The trick is to learn how to use LOA consciously and correctly so you attract more of what you want and less of what you don't.

And that is the purpose of this website to show you how you to properly use this powerful secret to create the life you want.

Since 2005 I have been teaching and coaching people how to use Law of Attraction to create the life of their dreams. I am an instructor at the Law of Attraction Training Center where I have helped train hundreds of other Law of Attraction trainers and coaches. And my programs have been used by people in over 60 different countries (and counting).

Law of Attraction is my joy and my passion.

But there are many different approaches to Law of Attraction (LOA).

The Secret taught just one approach (traditional LOA).

Below are three main approaches and the focus of each:

Traditional Law of Attraction

Focuses on how to GET more (more money, better relationships, a better job, etc.)

Enlightened Attraction™ /
Soul-Centered Attraction™

Focuses on how to GIVE more or SERVE more (fulfilling your soul’s purpose, being of service, etc.)

Higher Consciousness Attraction

Focuses on how to BE more (living in a higher state of consciousness, making a difference by who you are, etc.)

Which approach is right for you?

There is no right or wrong answer.

But there is an approach that best matches you and where you are on your own journey.

If you are new to Law of Attraction (and even if you are more experienced), sign up for our free 30-Day Turbocharge Your Life program. It will teach you a step-by-step process to create a life you absolutely love.

Sign up for our free newsletter. It is filled with practical suggestions on putting LOA to work in your life.

Is there an area of your life where you are struggling right now? Finances? Relationships? Career? Health? Business? Click on the corresponding tab at the top of the page for a program that can help.

Are you working hard to achieve your dreams and goals but feel like something is holding you back? Check out our resources page for some great products and services for breaking through.

Are you fed up with struggling? Are you ready to finally create the life you have always dreamed of? Do you have a big dream or goal that you are really excited about? Want to achieve it more quickly and easily? Our Attraction Turbocoaching can help.

Are you ready to discover your life purpose and live a more soul-centered life? Are you a spiritual seeker who is committed to your spiritual growth? Then check out our Soul-Centered AttractionTM program.

And if you are ready to really make a difference in the world, take a look at our Higher Consciousness AttractionTM.

Feel free to look around. This site is for YOU.

Together let's discover how we can put The Secret to work for YOU!!


Don Giberson
Master Law of Attraction Trainer/Coach
President and Founder
DreamCrafters, Inc.

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